Group of Computational&Comparative,Evolutionary and Functional Genomics(CEFG)



演讲者:Yan-Ting Jin 日期:2015-11-01
会议:Group meeting 类型:Journal club
题目:Rate and molecular spectrum of spontaneous mutations in the bacterium Escherichia coli as determined by whole genome sequencing

演讲者:Hong-Li Hua 日期:2015-10-24
会议:Group meeting 类型:Journal club
题目:Investigating the predictability of essential genes across distantly related organisms using an integrative approach

演讲者:Fan Wu 日期:2015-10-18
会议:Group meeting 类型: Journal club
题目:Comparative analysis of essential genes and nonessential genes in Escherichia coli K12

演讲者:Dong-kai Pu 日期:2015-10-18
会议:Group meeting 类型:Journal club
题目:Gigh Expression Hampers Horizontal Gene Transfer

演讲者:Shuo Liu 日期:2015-10-03
会议:Group meeting 类型:Journal club
题目: A unified view of bacterial land colonization based on three methods

演讲者:Hong-Li Hua 日期:2015-09-12
会议:Group meeting 类型:Seminar
题目:A method for classification of the breast cancer based on biological pathway expression profile data

演讲者:Sen Luo 日期:2015-09-05
会议:Group meeting 类型:Seminar
题目:The Improvement of Geptop software based on homology and affinity essential gene prediction

演讲者:Sen Luo 日期:2014-09-27
会议:Group meeting 类型:
题目:Identifying essential proteins based on protein domains in protein-protein interaction networks

演讲者:De-Chang Yang 日期:2014-09-27
会议:Group meeting 类型:
题目:Local Correlations in Codon Preferences Do Not Support a Model of tRNA Recycling

演讲者:Chuan Dong 日期:2014-09-20
会议:Group meeting 类型:
题目:iRSpot-PseDNC identify recombination spots with

演讲者:Yi-Zhuo Wang 日期:2014-09-20
会议:Group meeting 类型:
题目:The anti-Shine-Dalgarno sequence drives translational pausing and codon choice in bacteria

演讲者:Chuan Dong 日期:2014-09-06
会议:Group meeting 类型:
题目:Overlapping genes as rare genomic markers

演讲者:Wen Wei 日期:2013-12-21
会议:Group meeting 类型:
题目:More expressions, more mutations

演讲者:Yuan-Nong Ye 日期:2013-11-30
会议:Group meeting 类型:
题目:Minimal genome encoding proteins with constrained amino acid repertoire

演讲者:Wen Wei 日期:2013-10-23
会议:2013 ' Annual Conference of Chinese Biomedical Engineering, Chengdu,China 类型:
题目:Three computational tools for predicting bacterial essential genes(in Chinese)

演讲者:Feng-Biao Guo 日期:2012-05-17
会议:TM's 1st World Genetics & Genomics Online Conference, Innsbruck St, Bellaire, TX, 77401, USA 类型:
题目:Chromosome translocation and its consequence in the genome of Burkholderia cenocepacia AU 1054